Promotional Products

Looking for a marketing partner who guide you through impactful ways to increase your sales?  Let us show you how the most cost-effective way to boost sales, through promotional products. Research shows advertising specialty items not only increase sales and leads, they create goodwill, build brand awareness and have strong return on investment.

Custom promotional products are perfect for any business. They can be used to market almost any product or service, as business gifts, in customer retention programs and for customer acquisition. With EmbroidMe’s selection of more than 800,000 products, almost anything can be imprinted with your company logo or name, which leaving a long-lasting impression of you, your message and your brand. Our diverse product assortment includes everything from shirts, promotional pens, desk accessories, food, gifts, RFID Secure Sleeves, custom USB flash drives and key chains, bags and, of course, custom apparel.



Business leaders everywhere know how much impact promotional products can have, and now there’s research to back up what so many already know: promo products deliver a better cost per impression (CPI) than virtually any other media. According to a new groundbreaking study of thousands of business people, 60% of the participants did business with the advertiser after receiving an ad specialty item, such as a branded pen or key chain. Of those who hadn’t done business with the advertiser yet, almost one quarter said there were more likely to do business with them in the future. On top of that, 41% say there were left with a favorable impression of the advertiser, and virtually none had negative feelings. Can you say that about any other form of advertising? Finally, with the average CPI of a promotional product equaling $0.005, advertising specialties are the most cost efficient form of media, with the exception of billboards. Call your nearby EmbroidMe Resource Center, and let one of our specialists help you select promotional items that will get the most sales for your money.



If driving sales isn’t reason enough to use promotional products, consider this: 83% of customers remember the business that gave them an ad specialty item. That kind of brand recall is hard to find anywhere else.

Another reason why ad specialties are a key to successful marketing: the typical product is kept for 12 months and many are used by your customers every day after day.  That frequent exposure will ensure that your business is always top-of-mind when the customer considers a future purchase.

With so many options, trust us to guide you in identifying the best promotional products to you’re your needs.



What are some of the best ways to use promotional products?

  • As giveaways-- whether it’s at a public event, trade show booth or as a bonus to any purchase
  • As a business gift—as a thank you to your best customers or to prospects whom you hope will become customers.
  • As part of a comprehensive customer retention program--promotional products can ensure that your message is always in the hands of your customer, or right within eyesight. Consider the power of branded desk accessories or calendars that customers look at every day as a lasting reminder of the services you have to offer.
  • As gifts for employees--when your staff members use those items when they are away from work, it provides another opportunity to share your message.



Promotional products can be used for more than just driving sales--they can also be an excellent way to promote your club or activity. The specialists at your locally-owned and operated EmbroidMe Resource Center will help you find the best and most unique items for branding your organization.

Do you have a big event coming up? We can help you find the best way to promote that event and leave a lasting impression. With EmbroidMe’s wide array of products, there’s always something perfect for every occasion. Whether it’s a fundraiser, company event, or a club activity, we have imprinted products that will be perfect for your needs.

Leave a lasting impression with custom-designed promotional products. There’s no minimum order required, so there’s something for every budget. Whether you're looking for customized promotional gifts, an imprinted promotional product, a creative advertising specialty item, or stylish branded apparel, EmbroidMe has what you need to promote your brand and enhance your corporate identity.

Shop online with us now, or take advantage of the expertise that your local specialist can provide. Call now for a fast, free quote, or come by your nearby convenient EmbroidMe Resource Center.



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